Despite the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and exceptional emergency measures, we have successfully implemented a “Work from home” strategy that allowed us to keep servicing our clients, while maintaining optimal efficiency and software quality.

DevOps Work From Home StrategyOur strategy relies on 8 major pillars:

  1. Corporate agile culture: For several years, we have introduced an agile corporate culture that relies on maximizing automation, adopting SCRUM methodology, shifting from traditional monolithic software approach and creating self-organizing cross-functional teams.
  2. DevOps process: Our strategy focuses on agility, collaboration, and automation within IT and development team processes. This is achieved through automation pipelines, continuous integration, delivery, and deployment. By continually testing, monitoring, and iterating on feedback with smaller but more frequent deployments, implementing the principle of DevOps in our organization successfully closed the loop between users, developers, and IT operations.
  3. Cloud-based code repositories: We have implemented cloud-based secure Git-based code repositories that seamlessly integrate with our DevOps pipeline, in addition to well-defined code review processes for optimal quality.
  4. Agile project management tool: We adopt JIRA software in order to manage SCRUM projects efficiently, in addition to seamless bug tracking, automated crash reporting and continuous feedback. SCRUM artifacts, like burn down and velocity charts, are frequently analyzed in order to identify overheads, minimize risk and maximize productivity.
  5. Collaboration & communication tools: We have deployed a suite of secure cloud-based collaboration, tele-conferencing and instant messaging software, allowing our teams to communicate seamlessly and efficiently.
  6. Automatic time trackers: Non-intrusive IDE-based time & productivity trackers are implemented for monitoring allocation by project, status of deliverables and overall performance. This will help in making sure sprints are planned adequately and delivered on time, teams are not overloaded and clients are satisfied.
  7. Automated code analysis & testing: All our code commits are automatically analyzed using static & dynamic code analysis tools, automated testing scripts for optimal quality, minimal regression and simplified quality assurance.
  8. Sandbox environments: Due to limited access to development environments especially in the case of financial institutions and governments, we have designed and deployed sandbox environments that emulate real API & back-end systems. This allows our teams to maintain productivity and meet delivery milestones.

If your business seeks help in planning and implementing a similar digital strategy, please feel free to contact us.