Al-Qabas, Kuwait’s top newspaper, just launched a state-of-the-art digital platform powered by Artificial Intelligence that includes a web portal, mobile app and cutting-edge Content Management System. This digital platform, designed and developed by Eurisko, will give readers on-the-go access to Al-Qabas TV, Al-Qabas audio books and their very own “My Page” section, a personalized news page tailored to each reader’s preferences.

“Engineers and user experience experts from Eurisko and content specialists from Al Qabas worked with a wide variety of focus groups – including users from different age groups and demographics – to create a truly unique and hyper personalized digital platform”, said Faisal Karkoh, Digital development manager at Al-Qabas.

“And despite a global pandemic that pushed teams online while working from home, Eurisko built this cutting-edge platform in six short months. Eurisko’s engineers created an automated process that minimizes the risk of human error, allowing for continuous delivery and feedback”, said Edgard Tawk, CEO at Eurisko.

Al Qabas is proud to be the first media outlet in the region to offer readers innovative features like an intelligent recommendation and search engine powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). “Unlike other digital platforms and news apps, Al Qabas will bring readers recommended content they actually want to see instead of simply nudging them toward what’s most popular”, added Karkoh.

“The AI-powered search and recommendation engine brings together the latest in high-end technologies, intelligent algorithms, optimization techniques and industry best practices to bring startlingly accurate and personalized results in a matter of milliseconds”, added Tawk.

Combining the best of Al Qabas’ content and media from several of its systems, users will have no shortage of options when considering what to watch or read.

The new Al Qabas digital platform was painstakingly designed for a maximum user experience and its AI and ML components mean the platform will responds intelligently to each unique user. Working with regionally renowned developers from Eurisko, whose clients include American Express, MBC Group, Saudi Aramco, Al Hilal Bank, RightBite, Azadea Group and many others, AlQabas’s new platform is the result of six months of design iteration and continuous user feedback.

Design experts also spent months iterating and gathering focus-group feedback to create a one-of-a-kind platform with a look unlike anything currently on the market.

Al Qabas’s new platform is deployed using serverless infrastructure managed by Amazon Web Services, which means the platform can auto-scale as more users join, able to accommodate millions of users without compromising speed or security.

Al Qabas has long been known for high-quality content and is beyond excited to bring its entire library of print, video and audio features to users’ fingertips instantly and intelligently.