BEIRUTJan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Despite the tremendous challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid changes it’s made to the workplace, both Warba Bank and Eurisko have continued their uninterrupted work on transforming the Bank’s digital services.

The joint effort between Warba Bank – a leader in Islamic digital retail solutions with reach across Kuwait – and Eurisko – a leading agile software development and digital transformation provider – aims to smoothly transition the Bank’s digital services so it can better cater to the needs of its clients.

The goal of the transformation is to maintain an agile SCRUM-based project management environment, where software products are delivered incrementally to allow client feedback and collaborative decision-making, while also keeping steady productivity, optimal developer engagement, and product owner satisfaction intact. To achieve this, both teams are using a DevOps-powered cloud-based infrastructure to sustain a remote agile environment, this includes productivity monitoring, SCRUM management, quality assurance, and development tools.

The year-long COVID-19 pandemic has not presented any obstacles to the day-to-day operations of this process. Both the Lebanese and Kuwaiti teams are seamlessly running sprint planning, sprint retrospective, and daily standup sessions remotely through teleconferencing tools. Using highly secured workstations, developers work through a cloud-based productivity monitoring and automated code analysis/quality assurance tool.

Commenting on the project, Eurisko CEO, Edgard Tawk, emphasized the company’s commitment to “having a solid cloud-based infrastructure that allows working in a hybrid, remote and on-site model, without compromising efficiency and software quality” years before the COVID-19 lockdown. Because of this foresight, the agency was “able to quickly shift to a combination of the work-from-home model during lockdowns and limited work-from-office model…we can proudly say that the results exceeded our expectations,” Tawk added.

The unhindered continuation of this process demonstrates the efficiency of Eurisko’s DevSecOps process, cloud infrastructure and agile software development capabilities. Moving forward, the firm will continue to focus its digital transformation projects through its lockdown-ready cloud-based computing infrastructure with all clients to ensure the safety of both parties without compromising the quality of its work.

SOURCE Eurisko; Warba Bank