This Ramadan, Eurisko won a race against time by executing an innovative app for MBC in only three weeks. MBC had been looking to delight fans around the world with a real-time second-screen app for its Ramadan quiz show “Kulluna Nafouz Ellayla”.

Eurisko’s lightning-fast execution allowed viewers to truly experience MBC’s innovative show through a second screen app and a real-time engine that allows them to answer questions as soon as they appear on TV. While questions are asked on the show, those same questions appear simultaneously in the app, available for free on App Store and Google Play, where viewers can buy coins to submit their answers live. Viewers with correct answers enter a draw to win cash prizes every night.

With only three weeks to develop a complete real-time, second-screen app from scratch, experts from Eurisko teamed up with MBC Group’s production team and worked tirelessly to ensure the flawless execution of every one of the app’s features.

“We compiled a squad of highly skilled back-end and front-end developers, DevOps engineers, UX/UI specialists and Quality Assurance engineers, and adopted aggressive one-week sprints in order to meet the deadline, while delivering a high-quality scalable product,” said Edgard Tawk, CEO and Eurisko co-founder.

Aside from a time crunch, Eurisko’s highly specialized team faced the technical challenge of serving tens of thousands of MBC viewers without compromising performance or security.

Through Eurisko’s app, MBC fans were able to make in-app purchases of coins to answer questions as they were asked live on TV, which required seamless communication with the app’s Content Management System as questions had to be activated and deactivated in the app as programs progressed. Eurisko’s developers also needed to ensure the highest level of security as users needed to make in-app purchases of coins to answer questions live.

“Combining top-notch real-time software development technology, industry-compliant security best practices and scalable cloud infrastructure techniques were the main building blocks for completing the success story in record time,” added Ziad Tawk, CTO and Eurisko co-founder.