BEIRUT, Lebanon, June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In typical fashion, Eurisko has again succeeded in completing an entire digital transformation in record time. In collaboration with the digital team at MBC GROUP, Eurisko was able to transform the highly successful mobile game Fananees 4 into a fully immersive VR experience.

By adopting an Agile Scrum methodology, including an aggressive sprint planning strategy, our game designers and developers were able to deliver a virtual experience of Fananees 4 in a few weeks.

With Fananees VR, players can now pick their favorite Ramadan character and completely immerse themselves in a 3D world inspired by the mobile game’s rich environment, which involves a lot of greenery, a tricky walking strip, challenging obstacles, and race-changing powerups. In this engaging game, players race against each other for first place while strategically avoiding obstacles, expertly jumping off platforms, and beating everyone to dispersed powerups.

With all of these features, Eurisko’s enthusiastic team was faced with many technical challenges, particularly ensuring a smooth user experience for players while delivering high-quality visuals, minimizing motion sickness triggers, and dealing with a multitude of technical requirements.

Thanks to this amazing collaboration between Eurisko and MBC GROUP, fans of the Fananees mobile app and MBC’s Ramadan characters can now elevate their gaming experience from 3D to VR and experience this racing game like never before.